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Fri, Nov 3, 12:00 AM

Fri, Nov 3, 1:00 AM

DBH 3011

Hands-on Intro to Ethical Hacking

Hi everyone, this week's workshop is on Ethical Hacking. This will be a hands-on introduction to penetration testing where you'll learn about some of the common tools used by ethical hackers. Each member will be given a Kali machine as well as a target "victim" machine. The goal will be to exploit a vulnerability on the target, achieve administrative privileges, and exfiltrate sensitive data. This is an introduction workshop and we'll be here to walk you through the steps to ensure everyone can follow along.

As the machines are hosted in our lab network, there is an extra requirement needed. If you wish to partake in the hands-on portion of the workshop, you will need to download an OpenVPN client to connect to the lab. You may download a client from At the beginning of the workshop, we will send out a VPN file which you will import to connect.

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