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Thu, Jan 18, 1:00 AM

Thu, Jan 18, 2:00 AM

ISEB 1550

Pentesting 1: Hidden Web Credentials

This quarter we're kicking off the Pentesting series with an introductory web-based challenge! In this guided workshop, learn how how to hack a simulated web server to gain administrative access. Learn key skills like scanning, packet analysis, the linux command line and many more in a guided, hands on and beginner friendly manner. Vulnerable machines are hosted on Cyber @ UCI infrastructure for you to pentest! NOTE: We will host some Kali Linux boxes for people to try! Many ethical hackers use a distribution of Linux called Kali Linux. We heavily encourage you to install it on your own system before the meeting so you can customize it and experiment outside of the lab. Instructions linked here: However, if you're on Mac M1 or its hard to install due to storage, you are welcome to use our machines!

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